10 ways to make the most of your day

Wake Up Earlier

You don’t need to set your alarm for 4am, but waking up just 20 minutes before you absolutely have to, creates a more pleasant and relaxed start to your morning. Use this time to do something for you; enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, eat breakfast at home, meditate, journal, lightly stretch, read, or call your mom.


Get Outside

Connect with the world around you and take a walk. With your family, your dog, your friend or alone, with or without a destination. Let the outdoors inspire and invigorate you!


Connect with a Stranger

Get out of your bubble and connect – really connect, not on social media! – with someone new. Compliment, ask an opinion, share an idea.


Reach out to an Old Friend

Connect with your past and someone who’s known you throughout different stages of your life. Remember simpler – or harder – times and gain perspective on your day while catching up with them. Call, text, write a letter.


Start a Plan for Tomorrow

Put one thing in motion for the next day. Doing something today to help you tomorrow, helps you feel in control of your plans and ahead of the game. It could be as small as writing out an actionable to-do list or as big as setting an appointment.


Get an Endorphin Rush

Move your body in a way you enjoy everyday, and enjoy a natural endorphin rush sans caffeine. Go for a run, take a Zumba class, do yoga or just dance in your living room.


Listen to a Favorite Song

Music affects your mood and hearing songs you love has positive effects on the brain. Turn up your favorite jam and rock out!

Reflect on Yesterday’s Positives

We often make the mistake of dwelling on the past, but using yesterday’s events to propel today forward is worth your while. Had a great time getting coffee with a friend yesterday? Shoot her a text and tell her how good it was to catch up. Coworker send you a congratulatory email for a project you just completed? Read it again!


Do Something for Someone Else

Doing things for others not only makes us feel good and purposeful, but makes their day as well. Make it a point to pay it forward each day. From holding the door for someone to connecting friends professionally, you’ll create positive energy each day.



We’ve learned time and again that laughter is the best medicine. It has similar effects to exercise, increases blood flow, relaxes the body and relieves stress. Whether through a movie, online videos, playing with kids or chatting with your funniest friend, get your dose each and every day.

Well here was mine list. Do tell me what else you do to make the most of it. Till then

Have a happy day.

P.s- media files aren’t uploading.

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  1. This was a lovely read!

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  2. Practical, but useful suggestions…thank you!


  3. Excellent read. Thx!

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  4. idrafciu says:

    Good common sense. Although… If I do wake up 20 min earlier in the morning, which means about 6.30 am… I’m not sure to call my Mom at this time ^^


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