8 signs you are way to nice

There is a fine line between being nice, and being TOO nice. I have developed a list of things that tend to happen when you cross the line to step into the too nice realm.

1. You apologize for things that aren’t your fault.

 Saying sorry is a way of admitting you did something wrong. You shouldn’t ever apologize for the little things or things that are beyond your control. You make yourself look guilty and that resonates with the person you are apologizing too. Chances are, if you are an apologizing addict, then you’ve been called out on it before. Let me guess, you apologized for apologizing?

2. You work WAY too much.

 I get it, some people are workaholic. You burn yourself out at work: volunteering for extra shifts, covering for other people, taking on way too many tasks, etc. The problem is that you load so much on to that little plate of yours, that you can’t keep up. Next thing you know you’re pulling an all-nighter with 18 cups off coffee and sleepless. That’s gonna get you nowhere.

3. You have stalkers. 

You have this “too nice” aura about you. Everybody wants to talk to you, particularly the creepy weird people. It would be rude not to talk back, right? Next thing you know your BFFs with an ex-inmate who has tear drops tattooed all down his face.

4. Your trust-o-meter is broken.

You trust EVERYBODY. Hmm today I think i’ll leave my car and house unlocked. My purse is sitting in the driver’s seat with my salary sticking out of it. But that’s okay… No one will steal it.

5. You’re new shirt bears a striking resemblance to a doormat.

 Let’s face it, people walk all over you. They know you will do whatever they ask you to do, so they take full advantage of that.


6. You never ask for help.

 Sure, people can ask you for favors all the time. But when it comes to you asking for a favor in return? Forget about it! You think you can handle everything on your own, and then you end up a big stress ball.

7. Making a decision is by far one of the hardest tasks. 

Where do you want to eat? I don’t care.. where do you want to eat? I asked you first! My god, try having this conversation with two indecisive people. You’re too nice so you don’t want to pick something that the other person might not like. You will probably eat something you hate if they suggest it, because you don’t want to feel bad for telling them you don’t like it.

8. You might as well change your name to Dr. Batra.(no offense)

 There is no better listener out there than you. You can listen to people bitch about their lives all day. At the same time, you feel bad when you complain about anything. You don’t want to burden others with your problems, so you keep them to yourself.

One would rather be too nice than be a beyotch. But at the same time, you  have to figure out when you are being TOO nice. You aren’t a doormat and you shouldn’t be treated like one. Sometimes you have to be a hard ass to get what you want in life.

“The difference is too nice – Where ends the virtue or begins the vice.” –Alexander Pope

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  1. autistsix says:

    Good grief, I have every symptom except no.4 and I wish I was more trusting. I worry constantly that I’m going to explode and hurt someone’s feelings. But I am really mean to my kids & beloved husband. Ok, whats the cure?


    1. Rishi kinger says:

      Well, its a tuff process. First of all you gotta let it go. Stop worrying so much. People who love you will stay irrespective of your faults and visa versa. So just breath.


      1. autistsix says:

        I am trying to breathe as we type. LOL it’s all good!


        1. Rishi kinger says:

          Haha! Keep breathing and smiling

          Liked by 1 person

  2. manishabnrj says:

    Haha…Good topic. Yes, it guys who are too nice turn me off..and I wonder why…but maybe there are girls who like nice guys too… no? Not everyone is a stickler for abuse. 😉


    1. Rishi kinger says:

      Well, of course and maybe some are pretending to be nice.


  3. randyjw says:

    Another great article, Rishi!


  4. Marquessa says:

    Ok, so this hit close to home, except #4.😁


    1. Rishi kinger says:

      Hahah that was pun.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. my valiant soul says:

    Great read.I think I found some similarities perhaps.


  6. Urvashi Singh says:

    I must say that’s a really great topic that u have discussed and will appreciate you for that
    Good work boy !!
    God bless!!


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